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an education. >> that's right. >> what are the realistic prospects of hr-15 versus the piece mill approach. >> hr-15 is not going to pass the house. the purpose is for the democrats and some of the republicans to come forward and tell people they want to do something, and it's not them that's stopping it from happening. when it comes to the poohs meal approach in the house, i think the chances are slim, i must say. the republicans particularly the ones in leadership have their hands full. they are trying to come up with a budget deal that has alluded them for three years. they know that the public had it up to here with the budget standoff and that is their first priority. those in leadership, this includes speaker john boehner said they'd like to do something on immigration reform. the question is when? it doesn't have to be right now. if they do, if they egly - let's -- eventually - let's say the stars align and they come up with a small budget compromise making everyone feel better, they'll move forward with a few pieces. in order to do everything they need a legalisation xont. they'll
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1